2016-2017 District Calendar

The members of the board of education approved the 2016-2017 Calendar on February 15, 2016. Please see the approved calendar at this link: 2016_2017 BOE Approved Calendar

Southern Boone Community,

Please see the proposed DRAFT 2016-2017 Calendar at the bottom of this post.

There are many considerations that occur when composing the district’s calendar.  The first and foremost is maintaining a focus on how we, as educators, insure “Excellence in Learning for All”. We also work to balance family needs and child care as well as community considerations. Of course, also in the mix of things, are requirements set by local, state and federal government.   When composing the calendar my goal is to ask parents, employees, and the community questions and to do a lot of listening. I cannot satisfy everyone; however, I can provide an opportunity for everyone to be heard. My end goal is to build a calendar that is fair and honors the traditions of our great school district and community.

The Process

The calendar is not set in stone. Up until the board approves the calendar, it can be changed due to public opinion and the needs of the district. Furthermore, the calendar can be amended at any time the majority of the board feels it is necessary.  In summary, your opinion matters.

Snow Makeup Days

The Department of Education requires us to build in 6 snow days into the calendar. Over the past 10 years, Southern Boone averages using 5.5 snow days a year. This year, so far, we have used one day as a snow day. Needless to say, so far, this winter has not been typical!

When planning snow days in the calendar we have to keep several things in mind. First, days of lost instruction are better made up before mandatory state assessment (MAP, EOC, and ACT assessments), which is during the month of April and May, as opposed to adding days at the end of school in May. Typically, make up days in May cause difficulty for everyone; especially if school has to be made up after Memorial Day. Having to change the last day of school, with short notice, causes difficulties on families who have made travel arrangements in May. It also effects when the district can offer summer school. It is ideal to provide summer school during the month of June. In summary, it is better for student learning to make up snow days before state required assessments and it is a burden to many when makeup days change the last day of school.

Half Days

I built into the calendar two half days at the end of each semester to allow the high school to offer finals. The feedback from high school students, parents and teachers is that this has been highly beneficial. The high school teachers have increased the rigor of their tests with several teachers requiring students to perform taught skills as a part of their final. Parents and students have commented on the positive benefit of taking eight finals over two days as opposed to taking eight finals on one day. Lastly, our seniors have reported back to us that finals administered over two days helped prepare them for college.

I realize the burden that the half days create for parents who do not have high school students. However, I have seen the benefit in student achievement and believe this is in the best interest of our kids for the long term.

Spring Break

It has been tradition that the district provides spring break at the same time as the University of Missouri. The first week of spring break is for snow makeup days. It is possible that we may have an extended spring break because we did not need to utilize all of our snow days.


Please reply to this posting. Your comments will not be publicly posted.  What do you not like about this calendar?  Is there anything else that I should consider when building the calendar?

The calendar will be amended over the next several weeks with revisions. Please check back often.

Thank you for your time and feedback.


Chris Felmlee

Calendar-2016-17 BOE Meeting Feb 15 2016


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