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This is more than a web page on the internet. This format allows us to “talk” or share conversation directly through an email like format. Please click on the title of each page you want to view. This will open the discussion with a place for you to leave a comment at the bottom of the page. You can also click on the link “Leave a Comment” and you can type response   I will do my best to answer you back in a timely matter. Depending on the content of the discussion I may post our discussion for public comment. Issues that deal with personal matters will not be made public as well as concerns dealing with students and personnel.

It is my intent to make this an area for the public to see what issues the members of the board and me are attending to, as well as the annual business of the central office. Over the course of the year, you will find financial information dealing with our annual audit and end of the year financial report, or the Annual Secretary of the Board Report (ASBR), and anything else I am doing to promote public awareness and make the business end of education as transparent as I possibly can. If there are specific items of concern that you would like to know more about, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. I am excited about my role as Superintendent for Southern Boone. I do not know where time went, but this is the start of my tent year as a school Superintendent  Please see my biography for more information about me.

In closing, I am honored to be a part of this calling and profession.  It is a privilege to work with kids, parents, teachers, administrators, community institutions and businesses. Please do not hesitate to contact me anytime or just say hi!


Christopher Felmlee


Southern Boone County R-I Tax Rate for the 2014 Fiscal Year

Southern Boone County R-I Tax Rate for the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year

The tax rate ceiling (the most that can be levied) for the District, referred to as the Incidental or general levy, is $3.7330. Last year, the members of the board elected to rollback part of the taxes; the members voted not to collect all tax that could be collected. Due to laws and regulations governing how the tax rate is computed, the board must rollback this year’s levy by the same amount as last year’s rollback. The rollback amounts to $0.0210 cents off the $3.7330 tax rate ceiling, for a proposed incidental levy of$3.7120.

The district also levy’s to pay boding obligations on our facilities; our school buildings. This levy is just like a mortgage on a house. The district has $2,650,129.00 in obligations to be paid this year (line 9 on form C). In order to meet this obligation, the school district can levy up to an additional $2.3472. However, the superintendent and members of the board believe the district only actually needs to levy $1.2800 and has proposed to voluntarily reduce the tax rate by $1.0672.

Therefore, the superintendent is proposing to the members of the bard to approve the fiscal year 2014 tax rate of $3.7120 in the incidental fund and $1.2800 in the debt service fund for a total tax rate of $4.9920.

The link below illustrates the mathematical and formula break down of how the tax rate is composed and set.  If you have questions about the information in the documents or about the tax rate in general, always feel free to call or stop by the Superintendent’s Office.

Tax Rate Forms

About Chris Felmlee, Superintendent of the Southern Boone County R-I School District

Welcome to my blog. I hope you find the visit useful. If there is something that you are looking for specifically or would like more information regarding the district or educational program in general, please post a comment and I will respond and/or make the addition to the blog.

The purpose of the blog is to keep the community informed about the school and what projects, reports, policies, and issues are being worked on. My administrative goal is to work as transparent as possible. This blog is another way to do so.

Below is a little history about myself.

I graduated from Parkway West High School in 1989. I have been an educator for 15 years and counting. After receiving my Bachelor’s Degree from Southwest Missouri State in 1995, I began working as an aide for the Springfield School District at Weaver, Delaware, and Campbell Elementary Schools. I completed my student teaching at Delaware and worked summer school in a classroom with students who had Autism. This was an exciting experience which truly opened my eyes to the joys of working with children who need you the most.

I was offered my first full time teaching experience with the Gainesville School District, located in Ozark County. This was my first experience in a rural community. I fell in love with the area and Bull Shoals Lake. Since this experience, I have made a career working in rural schools. I taught second grade for two years and was honored with the opportunity to teach kindergarten. During my tenure with the Gainesville School District I was very involved with summer school programs, the Missouri Assessment Program, and teacher professional development.

During my second year of teaching kindergarten I applied for a principal’s position with the Lutie School District. I accepted the position and began my administrative career in July 2000. During my tenure at Lutie I was immersed in the Accelerated School’s Program, influential with curriculum construction and revision, highly involved in overseeing the special education program, assessment coordinator, a leader in teacher professional development, I helped implement a new reading curriculum, Success for All, and everything associated with running an effective elementary program.
After five years of service as elementary principal I was offered the position of superintendent.

During my tenure as superintendent the school facilities experienced considerable improvement. We completed a new roof, new basketball floor, lighting and energy improvements throughout the district, and extensive landscaping and drainage construction to keep water away from the building. We also paved the building’s parking lot, completed an outside computerized marquee with the school’s logo, established a community walking trail and purchased two trailers for counseling offices and classrooms. All of this occurred while maintaining a balanced budget.

To the credit of the teachers and administration, the district’s academic program had a history of annual improvement. During my two years of service with Lutie as superintendent we completed our third cycle Missouri School Improvement Program Review. The district scored highly. The high score on its accreditation review was made even more joyous with the realization that seven years earlier the Lutie School District became one of the first schools to lose its accreditation. Our high school program consistently maintained state recognition for being a Top Ten School consistently from 2004 through 2008 (Way to go Mrs. Kennworthy and Mr. Misek!). Our Junior High Communication Arts, High School Communication Arts, and High School Mathematics classes received Most Improved School and Highest Performing School distinctions.

During my final year with the Lutie School District I was influential in the successful passage of a tax levy. The district was in its final years of having to run a debt service levy to pay back money borrowed for building construction. We were able to raise the operational levy to secure additional state funding for the district while also lowering the amount of the total school levy.

In July 2007 I began working for the Van-Far School District. During my tenure as Superintendent many improvements were made to the buildings and facilities. During the 2007-2008 school year, we completed a two million dollar bond construction project, made major renovations to bathrooms in the high school, installed fire alarm systems in the Junior High and Senior High School as well as the Elementary School. During the 2011-2012 school year we successfully passed a $1.4 million bond with very strong public support to install a new elementary roof, tuck-pointed both buildings and install new boilers at the high school. Beyond this construction we repaired the exterior canopies at the high school, updated the district’s computer systems and servers, installed new computer labs, and built new offices for the special education and counseling, a new greenhouse to support our FFA program and new locker rooms for the high school boys and girls.

We made significant improvements in the academic program. In April 2007, the high school successfully secured A+ designation. The elementary successfully implemented the Success for All Reading Program in 2008 and restructured its mathematics program in 2009. As a result of teacher, parent, and administrative determination to teach these programs to the best of our ability the elementary building progressed our of needs improvement on the No Child Left Behind indicators as a result of major student performance assessment data. As a result of this success, at the start of the 2010-2011 school year the Success for All reading program was implemented in the junior high.

Recently, I accepted the Superintendent’s position with the Southern Boone County. I am looking forward to another successful school year and transition. I am very excited about being part of the team.

Rapid improvement in academic programs and facility design is due largely to a committed teaching and administrative staff and the cooperation of the board of education and involvement of the community. There are no silver bullet programs toward reforming education; rather it requires the intentional focus of a committed team of professionals. I have been lucky to work with such people throughout my career.

In closing I owe much of my success to my parents, Tom and Kate, my brother, Joshua, my wife, Melissa and my four children Erica, Chris II, Amanda, and Garrett, countless teachers as well as the Springfield, Gainesville, Lutie, Van-Far and the Southern Boone County boards of education. I have been fortunate to work with highly skilled educators; Terry Clayton, Patricia Arnold, Garry and Cindy Pirch, Tom Nichols, Curtis Lloyd, Dr. Allan Crater, Diana Premer, Karla Eslinger, Ron McSorley, Jay Reese, Kaye Bartels, Linda Hays and many others who have made positive lasting impressions on me!

Everybody has at least one teacher who has had an effect on their lives. God in heaven, wherever you are, Mrs. Moor, my special education teacher from Parkway West High School, thank you for the countless hours you spent helping me, the potential you realized within me, and for helping me take the ACT test. My career would not be what it is without your profound influence! God Bless You!

Common Core Standards and Smarter Balanced Assessment

Common Core Standards were established several years ago by educators and representatives of higher learning institutions in order to develop high quality educational standards and assessments (Smarter Balanced Assessment) to improve the quality of educational programs with the intent of improved student achievement. With the implementation of Federal education legislation, No Child Left Behind, state educational programs were ranked based upon school’s student achievement. Many disparities existed between the quality of education in states and each state had their own way of measuring quality. The Common Core Standards were established to help define what a quality educational program is as well as develop consistent student assessment tools.


The Common Core Standards are not a curriculum. Rather curriculum vendors are composing instructional products that meet the standards and assessments developed. Progressive schools, such as Southern Boone, have worked closely with the state and universities, MU in our case, to prepare for the increased rigor the standards and assessments require. Over the past two years, Southern Boone has made gradual changes to the content of its curriculum based upon student achievement and mastery of content.


Southern Boone has had an extensive history of providing a high quality education program. I do not expect this to chance as the new assessments are phased in. No one enjoys change. However, I feel the changes that are being made will result in stronger academic programs for our kids.

Please consult the following videos for additional information:



For a list of questions and answers on Common Core please consult: 

Common Core FAQ


Please consult the following web pages for additional information:




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Contacting Smarter Balanced—The Smarter Balanced external website (www.smarterbalanced.org) showcases the innovative work of the Consortium and provides frequent updates on activities, milestones, and events. Visitors can submit questions or reach Smarter Balanced staff at http://www.smarterbalanced.org/contact-us/. Consortium members may contact sbac@wested.org for information on upcoming meetings and events. 

Collaboration Site—Consortium members: The Consortium uses an internal collaboration site hosted by Google Apps to enable information sharing and collaboration among the member states. If you are a state employee in a Consortium state and need access to material on this website, please contact sbac@wested.org.

Follow Smarter Balanced on Twitter—Follow @SmarterBalanced for resources and links to the latest news about the Consortium.

Prior versions of the Weekly Update—State members: Previous Smarter Balanced Weekly Updates are available on the internal Smarter Balanced website at https://sites.google.com/a/smarterbalanced.org/home/communications/weekly-update-archive.

Smarter Balanced meeting minutes—State members: Agendas and minutes from previously held meetings are available on the internal Smarter Balanced website at https://sites.google.com/a/smarterbalanced.org/home/meetings



In-service Training for the Start of School

Today’s Learners-Tomorrow’s Leaders

Folks, there is a lot of ground to cover in short period of time. We will briefly discuss the policies below. Should you have questions or concerns about specific policy consult the link provided and meet with administration for clarity. Should you continue to have questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Today it is about you and your service to our students. Right now, the combined efforts of everyone has resulted in very strong student achievement. This is easily evident in this year’s District-wide MSIP 5 score which remained over 90% with a preliminary score of over 94%. There will be several revisions to the score over the school year; I believe that the score may go up a point or two before it is finalized. Folks, this is outstanding and if you are not clapping you should be!

Your daily and moment to moment actions are significant in the life a child. The little things we do can have an enormous impact on their development. For good and for bad. This is a great responsibility we share. Working in education is a calling. It is a privilege to be an educator. We really do shape the future. For our students to receive the greatest benefit possible it requires us to work together; everyone from the kitchen staff, administration, teachers, secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, to members of the board. I tease, but one of my favorite responses to personality conflicts is, ” We are all one big happy family!” Dysfunctional at times but we are family. It is critical we work together. The stakes are very high. Over the next 174 days, it is future that we are shaping in every classroom and student we are privileged to work with. It starts right now:


Today we will spend time reviewing polices that are designed to keep students and their interests safe. It is important that we be mindful and work together. When you have questions, I need you to speak up. Please work with your building administrators. My door is always open. I may not have the answer and may direct you to another administrator before getting involved; but I will listen and help.

In closing, I care about you. Your success is critical to me; your success directly impacts our students. I look forward to working together. I am excited about this new year and hope you are too! 

Smarter Adults, Safer Children 

This is a required video that all employees are to view. 


Health Information

            Universal Precautions and Communicable Diseases

            Policy GBE: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=GBE-C.1G

The district will respond to employee requests for reasonable accommodations when an employee has a disability as defined by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). All employees will receive annual training on universal precautions and the district’s communicable disease policy.

            Student Allergy Prevention and Response

            Policy JHCF: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=JHCF-C.SBN

An individualized health plan (IHP), including an emergency action plan (EAP), may be developed for students with allergies that do not rise to the level of a disability. All staff members are required to follow any Section 504 plan or IHP/EAP developed for a student by the district. Staff members who do not follow an existing Section 504 plan or IHP/EAP will be disciplined, and such discipline may include termination.

Special Education Information

            SE and 504- Background, Process, and Responsibility

            Policy IGBA: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=IGBA-C.SBN

It is the policy of the Board of Education to provide a free and appropriate education for students with disabilities, including those who are in need of special education and related services.


Policy JO: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=JO-C.SBN

Student health information shall be protected from unauthorized, illegal or inappropriate disclosure by adherence to the principles of confidentiality and privacy. The information shall be protected regardless of whether the information is received orally, in writing or electronically and regardless of the type of record or method of storage.

All parents may inspect and review their student’s education records, seek amendments, consent to disclosures and file complaints regarding the records as allowed by law. These rights transfer from the parent to the student once the student becomes an eligible student; however, under the Missouri Sunshine Law, parents maintain some rights to inspect student records even after a student turns 18. The district will extend the same access to records to either parent, regardless of divorce, custody or visitation rights, unless the district is provided with evidence that the parent’s rights to inspect records have been legally modified.

Seclusion, Isolation, and Restraint

Policy JGGA: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=JGGA-C.1A

Isolation shall never be used as a form of punishment or for the convenience of district personnel.

A student in isolation must be monitored by district personnel who are in close proximity and able to see and hear the student at all times. Monitoring shall be face to face unless personal safety is significantly compromised, in which case technology-supported monitoring may be utilized. The total time in isolation is to be reasonably calculated based on the age of the student and the circumstances and is not to exceed 40 minutes without a reassessment of the situation and consultation with parents/guardians or administrative staff, unless otherwise specified in an IEP, Section 504 plan or other parentally agreed-upon plan to address a student’s behavior.

District personnel who use physical restraint shall only use restraint methods in which they have received district-approved training. Physical restraints should never be used as a form of punishment or for the convenience of district personnel.

School Safety

            Student Discipline

            Policy JG: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=JG-C.1J

            Policy JG-R: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=JG-R.SBN


The comprehensive written code of conduct of the district is composed of this policy and includes, but is not limited to, the following policies, procedures and regulations: JG-R, JGA, JGB, JGD, JGE and JGF.

The Board authorizes the immediate removal of a student upon a finding by a principal or superintendent that the student poses a threat of harm to self or others, as evidenced by the prior conduct of such student.

Building principals are responsible for the development of additional regulations and procedures regarding student conduct needed to maintain proper behavior in schools under their supervision. Teachers have the authority and responsibility to make and enforce necessary rules for internal governance in the classroom, subject to review by the building principal. The Board expects each teacher to maintain a satisfactory standard of conduct in the classroom. All district staff are required to enforce district policies, regulations and procedures in a manner that is fair and developmentally appropriate and that considers the student and the individual circumstances involved.


It is the policy of the Southern Boone County R-I School District to report all crimes occurring on district property to law enforcement including, but not limited to, the crimes the district is required to report in accordance with law. A list of crimes the district is required to report is included in policy JGF.

The principal shall also notify the appropriate law enforcement agency and superintendent if a student is discovered to possess a controlled substance or weapon in violation of the district’s policy.

In addition, the superintendent shall notify the appropriate division of the juvenile or family court upon suspension for more than ten days or expulsion of any student who the district is aware is under the jurisdiction of the court.

All students who are suspended or expelled, regardless of the reason, are prohibited from participating in or attending any district-sponsored activity, or being on or near district property or the location of any district activity for any reason, unless permission is granted by the superintendent or designee. In addition, the district may prohibit students from participating in activities or restrict a student’s access to district property as a disciplinary consequence even if a student is not suspended or expelled from school, if appropriate.

Students who are suspended from school will not be allowed to earn full credit for course work completed during the term of the suspension. The district will provide appropriate due process in accordance with law prior to finalizing the student’s grade for a course.

Students in PreK through eighth grade – Are prohibited from using personal electronic devices during the school day, including class change time, mealtimes or instructional class time, unless the use is part of the instructional program, required by a district-sponsored class or activity, or otherwise permitted by the building principal.

Students in ninth through twelfth grade – May use personal electronic devices before and after school, during class change time and during mealtimes, but are prohibited from using them during instructional class time, unless the use is part of the instructional program, required by a district-sponsored class or activity, or otherwise permitted by the building principal.

SB 54 – Amy Hestir Student Protection Act

Policy GBH: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=GBH-C.SBN

Staff members are expected to maintain courteous and professional relationships with students. All staff members have a responsibility to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning through consistently and fairly applied discipline and the maintenance of physical and emotional boundaries with students. These boundaries must be maintained regardless of the student’s age, the location of the activity, whether the student allegedly consents to the relationship or whether the staff member directly supervises the student. Maintaining these boundaries is an essential requirement for employment in the district.

Although this policy applies to the relationships between staff members and district students, staff members who inappropriately interact with any child may be disciplined or terminated when the district determines such action is necessary to protect students.

The goal of this policy is to protect students from harm and staff members from allegations of misconduct by requiring staff members to maintain professional boundaries with students. The district does not intend to interfere with or impede appropriate interactions between staff members and students.

As with other forms of communication, staff members must maintain professional boundaries with students while using electronic communication regardless of whether the communication methods are provided by the district or the staff member uses his or her own personal electronic communication devices, accounts, webpages or other forms of electronic communication.

Staff communications must be professional, and student communications must be appropriate. Staff members may only communicate with students electronically for educational purposes between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

The district will provide notification to the parents/guardians of students participating in classes or activities for which personal electronic communications have been approved. Staff members may be required to send the communications simultaneously to the supervisor if directed to do so. Staff members are required to provide their supervisors with all education-related communications with district students upon request.

Employees who obtain pictures or other information about identifiable students through their connections with the district are prohibited from posting such pictures or information on personal websites or personal social networking websites without permission from a supervisor.

The district discourages staff members from communicating with students electronically for reasons other than educational purposes. 

This policy does not limit staff members from communicating with their children, stepchildren or other persons living within the staff member’s home who happen to be students of the district.

Staff members who violate this policy will be disciplined, up to and including termination of employment. Depending on the circumstances, the district may report staff members to law enforcement and the Children’s Division (CD) of the Department of Social Services for further investigation, and the district may seek revocation of a staff member’s license(s) with the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Any person, including a student, who has concerns about or is uncomfortable with a relationship or activities between a staff member and a student should bring this concern immediately to the attention of the principal, counselor or staff member’s supervisor. If illegal discrimination or harassment is suspected, the process in policy AC will be followed.

Any staff member who possesses knowledge or evidence of possible violations of this policy must immediately make a report to the district’s administration. All staff members who know or have reasonable cause to suspect child abuse shall immediately report the suspected abuse in accordance with Board policy. Staff members must also immediately report a violation or perceived violation of the district’s discrimination and harassment policy (AC) to the district’s nondiscrimination compliance officer. Staff members may be disciplined for failing to make such reports.

The district will not discipline, terminate or otherwise discriminate or retaliate against a staff member for reporting in good faith any action that may be a violation of this policy.


            Policy EHB: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=EHB-C.1F

The district’s technology resources may be used by authorized students, employees, School Board members and other persons approved by the superintendent or designee, such as consultants, legal counsel and independent contractors. All users must agree to follow the district’s policies and procedures and sign or electronically consent to the district’s User Agreement prior to accessing or using district technology resources, unless excused by the superintendent or designee.

Use of the district’s technology resources is a privilege, not a right. No potential user will be given an ID, password or other access to district technology if he or she is considered a security risk by the superintendent or designee.

A user does not have a legal expectation of privacy in the user’s electronic communications or other activities involving the district’s technology resources including, but not limited to, voice mail, telecommunications, e-mail and access to the Internet or network drives. By using the district’s network and technology resources, all users are consenting to having their electronic communications and all other use monitored by the district. 

Electronic communications, downloaded material and all data stored on the district’s technology resources, including files deleted from a user’s account, may be intercepted, accessed, monitored or searched by district administrators or their designee at any time in the regular course of business.

Users are required to return district technology resources to the district upon demand including, but not limited to, mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

The district’s technology resources are not a public forum for expression of any kind and are to be considered a closed forum to the extent allowed by law. The district’s webpage will provide information about the school district, but will not be used as an open forum.

Any violation of district policies or procedures regarding technology usage may result in temporary, long-term or permanent suspension of user privileges.

Employees may be disciplined or terminated, and students suspended or expelled, for violating the district’s technology policies and procedures. The district will cooperate with law enforcement in investigating any unlawful use of the district’s technology resources. All damages incurred by the district due to a user’s intentional or negligent misuse of the district’s technology resources, including loss of property and staff time, will be charged to the user. The district makes no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, for the services, products or access it provides. The district’s technology resources are available on an “as is, as available” basis.

Other Policy

            Investigation of Harassment, discrimination and Retaliation Complaints

            Policy AC: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=AC-C.SBN

The Southern Boone County R-I School District Board of Education is committed to maintaining a workplace and educational environment that is free from discrimination and harassment in admission or access to, or treatment or employment in, its programs, services, activities and facilities. In accordance with law, the district strictly prohibits discrimination and harassment against employees, students or others on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, ancestry, disability, age, genetic information or any other characteristic protected by law.

All employees, students and visitors must immediately report to the district for investigation any incident or behavior that could constitute discrimination, harassment or retaliation in accordance with this policy. If discrimination, harassment or retaliation that occurs off district property and that is unrelated to the district’s activities negatively impacts the school environment, the district will investigate and address the behavior in accordance with this policy, as allowed by law.

If the district determines that discrimination, harassment or retaliation have occurred, the district will take prompt, effective and appropriate action to address the behavior, prevent its recurrence and remedy its effects.

Employees who violate this policy will be disciplined, up to and including employment termination. Students who violate this policy will be disciplined, which may include suspension or expulsion. Patrons, contractors, visitors or others who violate this policy may be prohibited from school grounds or otherwise restricted while on school grounds. The superintendent or designee will contact law enforcement or seek a court order to enforce this policy when necessary or when actions may constitute criminal behavior.

In accordance with law and district policy, any person suspected of abusing or neglecting a child will be reported to the Children’s Division (CD) of the Department of Social Services.

The compliance officer is the Assistant Superintendent. In the event the compliance officer is unavailable or is the subject of a report that would otherwise be made to the compliance officer, reports should instead be directed to the acting compliance officer, the Superintendent.

Drug Free Work Place

Policy GBEBA: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=GBEBA-C.1F

The Board of Education shall not tolerate the manufacture, use, possession, sale, distribution or being under the influence of controlled substances, alcoholic beverages or unauthorized prescription medications by district employees on any district property; on any district-approved vehicle used to transport students to and from school or district activities; off district property at any district-sponsored or district-approved activity, event or function, such as a field trip or athletic event, where students are under the supervision of the school district; or during any period of time such employee is supervising students on behalf of the school district or is otherwise engaged in school district business.

Any employee who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include suspension, termination and referral for prosecution. Employees may be required to satisfactorily participate in rehabilitation programs.

Compliance with this policy is mandatory.

Staff Conduct

Policy GBCB: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=GBCB-C.1B

Interrogations, Interviews, and Searches

Policy JFG: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=JFG-C.1J

School lockers, desks and other district property are provided for the convenience of students and, as such, are subject to periodic inspection without notice.

It is a privilege, not a right, to park on school grounds. The school retains the authority to conduct routine patrols of any vehicle parked on school grounds.

The administration will contact law enforcement officials to perform a search if the administration reasonably suspects that a student is concealing controlled substances, drug paraphernalia, weapons, stolen goods or evidence of a crime beneath his or her clothing and the student refuses to surrender such items. Law enforcement officials may be contacted for assistance in performing a search in any case in which a student refuses to allow a search or in which the search cannot safely be conducted.

The school resource officer (SRO) may interview or question students regarding an alleged violation of law. A school resource officer may also accompany school officials executing a search or may perform searches under the direction of school officials.


Policy GBLB: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=GBLB-C.1A

Only the superintendent or a person or persons specifically designated by the superintendent may respond on behalf of the district to a reference request for a current or former employee. District employees must direct reference requests to the superintendent or designee. Upon request, employees will assist the superintendent or designee with the preparation of accurate reference information.

Employees other than the superintendent or designee may provide personal references at the request of a current or former employee, but by doing so, they are acting outside of the scope of their employment. Employees may not use district letterhead or otherwise indicate that the reference is sponsored by the district. The district will not endorse any reference provided outside the directives of this policy and is not responsible for providing legal advice or protection for unauthorized employees who provide references. 

Staff Grievance

Policy GBM: http://policy.msbanet.org/soboone/showpolicy.php?file=GBM-C.1G

District employees are encouraged to discuss concerns with supervisors and the administrative staff so that issues may be addressed in a timely fashion.

A grievance will receive a written response or report regarding his or her grievance, but the grievant and persons investigated in the course of the grievance are not entitled to view or receive copies of the investigation file or notes taken during the investigation, unless required by law. If an employee is disciplined as a result of the grievance, the discipline may be recorded in the employee’s personnel file and discussed with the employee. Information recorded in an employee’s personnel file will not be shared except as provided in Board policy or required by law. 

Funds Management

Presentation: http://cfelmlee.edublogs.org/2013/07/07/cash-management-by-school-sponsors/

In closing, never hesitate to discuss a concern with me. I may not have the answer or be in a position to answer your question; I will however make sure you meet with the administrator or teacher who can assist you in addressing your concern. Should the concern persist, I will assist you throughout as the issue progresses throughout the chain of command. 


Chris Felmlee



Funds Management by School Personnel

All teachers, sponsors, and employees involved with collecting funds are required to view this presentation and return the attached signed document to your building principal as soon as possible. This Funds Management training establishes awareness of district policy and ensures everyone realizes the need to comply with school board policy. If you have questions or concerns please discuss them with the building administrator first. If concerns persist call me immediately at (573) 657-2147.


Chris Felmlee

Southern Boone County R-I School District Superintendent


Funds Management slideshow (Powerpoint 2003)